Our services - International and European Law

International and European Law

STRELEC & Partner has an excellent knowledge in Private International Law. One of the partners of the Firm works as an external teacher of Private International Law and International Commercial Law at Masaryk University in Brno. Our common work is drafting, review and negotiation of international commercial contracts, but we can advise on other international issues as well. As for international commercial transactions, we focus on choice of appropriate governing law, in connection with suitable method of disputes resolution. In the very beginning of our work we keep in mind the possibility of future disputes and the need of recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards or judgements in other countries.

Concerning the Private International Law and European Law, we offer our clients in particular:

  • Drafting and review of international commercial contracts

  • Handling the the question of governing law and disputes settlement

  • Representing clients before international arbitration tribunals

  • Legal advices on international family law and inheritance law

  • Implementation of EU law into the domestic law, claims for damages stemming from non-implementation of EU law into the domestic law

  • Representation of clients before European Court of Human Rights