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Litigation and Arbitration

No matter how complex and flawless the contract is, the other party may always try not to fulfill its obligations. It is a common truth and the only thing a lawyer can do for clients is to anticipate possible future disputes. Anticipation of future disputes entails drafting contracts in such a way that the client’s prospects of success in a future dispute are significantly higher then those of the other party.

When a dispute arises between our clients and other parties we always start with trying to find an amicable settlement. Nevertheless, amicable settlement is not always possible. Then we are ready to protect our clients’ interests before courts of law as well as in arbitration proceedings. The great majority of disputes where we represent our clients ends in favour of them.

In commercial disputes STRELEC & Partner prefers arbitral tribunals before courts of law. When drafting contracts we include an arbitration clause, together with a suitable choice-of-law clause, which significantly strenghten our clients’ standings in the dispute.