Our services - Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

Real estate transactions have many aspects, not only private-law ones, but public law as well, and it is our task to handle all of them with the utmost care. We understand that the real estates transactions involve a lot of time and money, so that there is no place for uncertainties. Therefore, all the negotiations, due dilligences and contracts must be simply perfect – and this is exactly what we offer to our clients.

Concerning the Real Estate Law, we offer our clients in particular:

  • Drafting and review of

    • purchase contracts, incl. deposit of purchase price in our special bank accounts

    • other special contracts related to the proprietary rights

    • lease contracts

    • contracts with architects, building supervisors etc.

  • Due dilligence of real estates current state, i.e.:

    • review of proprietary rights of current owners

    • review of obligations connected to the real estate (mortgages, servitudes, pre-emptive rights, seizures, etc.)

    • planning permissions

  • Mortgages and other means of securement of transactions

  • Representing of clients in negotiations with planning and other relevant state authorities

  • Resolution of disputes arising from real estate transactions, incl. domestic and international arbitration or ADR